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Selected Projects

Senior Technical Writer, Waters Corporation. Laboratory instruments and software systems for chromatography and mass spectrometry. Developed user guides and help systems for scientific instruments, complex purification systems, and related control software.

Technical Publications Manager, Conexant Systems. Chip design for multi-function printers and imaging systems. Developed, edited, and managed a large document library for the imaging systems group. Maintained a comprehensive set of firmware documentation, hardware register specifications, data sheets, application notes and technical illustrations to support the group’s products.

Help System Developer and Technical Publications Director, Pathfinder Solutions. Software development tools for embedded systems engineers, start-up. Developed and maintained templates, edited white papers, prepared marketing communications and professional presentations. Coordinated documentation processes with engineering, sales, training and management. Planned and developed Eclipse-based HTML help system for PathMATE, a toolset used to transform platform-independent models into source code.

Principal, TechWrite Publishing. Project management, marketing, technical writer and editor. Developed documentation for a new medical device at Foster-Miller, Inc. Prepared illustrated directions for use for the FDA approval process. Wrote and edited detailed test protocols and other records for quality assurance procedures. Also for Foster-Miller: served as developmental and production editor to prepare a Foster-Miller project team for a critical design review of a new aircraft launching system.

Electrical power test equipment, Doble Engineering: developed user guide to explain capabilities and procedures for Doble’s power system simulator.

Help system for Alcatel’s telecommunications router: explained configuration procedures and network protocols required to monitor router’s performance.

Process control application guides, Foxboro Company: created operation and maintenance guides to explain Foxboro’s customized control systems for pulp and paper, environmental protection, and petroleum industries.

Academic Publications


Foreign policy substitution in the Arab‐Israeli conflict

S. Greffenius - International Interactions, 1986 - Taylor & Francis

The purpose of this study is to test whether Most and Starr's substitution hypothesis can be
validated empirically. A preliminary test using a small events data set on the Arab‐Israeli
conflict indicated that foreign policy substitution is most common at low levels of conflict. ...

Measure for measure: Patterns of reciprocity in militarized disputes, 1816–1975

S. Greffenius - International interactions, 1990 - Taylor & Francis

Pruitt's theory of reciprocity is the starting point for this study of patterns of response in
militarized disputes. The theory gives a geometrical interpretation to the phenomenon of
reciprocity by postulating archetypal reaction functions, and suggests that stability and ...

Power, vulnerability, and Zinnes's interaction puzzle

B. A. Most, S. Greffenius, J. Gill - International Interactions, 1992 - Taylor & Francis

Zinnes's interaction puzzle asks why data‐based studies of arms races and crisis interaction
discover little or no responsiveness among contending states. The difficulty of mapping
threats to responses in a bilateral conflict can block analysts' efforts to investigate the ...

Pure coercion vs. carrot-and-stick offers in crisis bargaining

S. Greffenius, J. Gill - Journal of Peace Research, 1992 -

Abstract In the crisis preceding the Gulf war, the United States favored pure coercion over
carrot-and-stick offers. This article, which replicates and extends research reported by Leng
(1984), supports the hypothesis that carrot-and-stick offers work better than pure coercion ...

Arms Race Theory: Strategy and Structure of Behavior, by Craig Etcheson

Book review by S. Greffenius - American Political Science Review, 1990 - Cambridge Univ Press

Lewis Fry Richardson's models of arms race behavior are elegant and mathematically
rigorous, but they perform poorly when tested against arms expenditure data. Several
scholars — Craig Etcheson among them — have tried to explain why. Etcheson suggests that ...

Power and Leadership in International Bargaining: The Path to the Camp David Accords, by Shibley Telhami

Book review by S. Greffenius - American Political Science Review, 1993 - Cambridge Univ Press

This book would be more satisfying if it were more extensive. It contains only 143 pages of
text. The remaining 106 pages include a list of allegations of covert activity referred to the
United Nations Security Council from 1969 to 1988, copious endnotes, an annotated ...


The Logic of Conflict: Making War and Peace in the Middle East

Copyright 1993 -- M. E. Sharpe, now Routledge

The Last Jeffersonian: Ronald Reagan's Dreams of America

Copyright 2002 -- June, July, and August Books

Revolution on the Ground

Copyright 2011 -- Liberty Press

Infamy: November 22, September 11

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