Do you have documentation problems you need to solve now?

Since 1997, Steven Greffenius has handled complicated document production tasks for large and small firms in many industries. He develops content your customers can use immediately to succeed with your company's products and services. Today's software and hardware systems are complex. Steve learns these systems thoroughly and quickly. He writes about them clearly and economically.

Why do technology firms hire consultants to solve their documentation problems? What sorts of problems can a consultant help you solve? For many content development tasks, a consultant can save you money. That is especially true if your product life cycle requires documentation resources intermittently. You may need a top notch writer or editor, but not year-round. Even if you do have in-house resources available, you can still benefit from a consultant's help for several kinds of projects:

  • System upgrades or improved technology require migration of content from one platform or environment to another.
  • Organization of your document repository has become so bad, and documents so out of date, support for current products suffers.
  • Software release and product launch have almost arrived, but materials for customer support lag behind.
  • Demands on existing staff have become so high, documentation tasks must be reallocated to clear a backlog and meet future needs.
  • Customer requests or expectations, compliance requirements, or training for new people and products create requirements you must meet quickly.

When you hire Steve, you know you have someone on the job who is competent. He knows the tools of the trade – applications required to develop, format, compile, store, and publish various kinds of material, especially digital content designed for distribution online. Hardest to find is a writer and editor who masters key knowledge in your company's technical domain, sufficient to make accurate judgments about what customers must know to use your products successfully. This domain competence, in project after project, comes from methodical research, a proven learning process that ensures clear presentation of essential knowledge.

To get a feel for how Steve writes and thinks, read some of his articles about how technical writers do their work. The clarity, simplicity, and economy of expression you find in these pieces appears in technical publications and other materials he prepares for clients. Then read what colleagues and clients say about his work. Lastly, call 781-223-1396, or write to, to discover why so many firms have found Puzzle Mountain Digital their reliable source of help for complicated documentation.