What Clients and Colleagues Say

"I worked with Steve at Waters, where he wrote an extensive Users Guide for a novel and very complex SFC chromatographic system, and was highly impressed with Steve’s talent and skills as a technical writer. The material to be presented was quite complex and detailed. Like most of our colleagues, Steve had no previous knowledge of the vitally important technical aspects of the system, yet Steve found ways to express them more clearly and succinctly than I had envisioned possible, with excellent attention to detail. 

"The clear organization of the document enabled referencing to a specific section quickly, so the needed material could be found quickly. As a result, my group was saved significant time that we previously spent explaining difficult technical concepts to both internal and external customers, as we could finally reference a complete guide, and state with confidence that all the information needed could be found within. Steve’s work provided excellent value, and saved my group endless hours of providing repetitive technical support."

Steve Zulli, for work at Waters Corporation

"Steven has a finely-tuned ability to recognize what the user needs to know, what we need to keep internally, and what to keep in his back pocket. He wastes no time making the former presentable, but he makes all levels useful to those who need them. This is not something that you get from a rookie. You pay more for a veteran because the veteran knows what you don't know. I would happily hire Steven for this ability, as well as the hundreds of other skills that he brings to the table, but chief among them is judgment and execution. (Yeah, I know that sounds like the Spanish Inquisition) but think about these qualities in your real-world communication problems; poor judgment can cost you beaucoup bucks. Steven can save those dollars many times over."

John Sgammato, Society for Technical Communication

“Steven’s broad base of technical communication skills, unusually sharp grasp of complex technology, unwavering focus, attention to detail and exceptional professionalism improved Pathfinder’s state of practice in this critical area. His broad technical capabilities help him to work easily and efficiently with engineers in many specialties. Most important for Pathfinder, he contributed substantially to the usability and presentation of our products through careful documentation and clear marketing communications.”

Peter Fontana, President, Pathfinder Solutions

"Steven is very professional, knows his specialty inside and out and is extremely patient with "software" types."

Paul Caswell, Senior Software Engineer, Amazing Charts

"Steven is a highly skilled communicator and has done much tech writing for many different clients. We worked together on STC committees to help the broader technical community, and Steven is a valued associate within the Armada Group. His capabilities are extremely broad covering software and hardware writing, and he is up to the minute on communications technology."

Jim Martin, Business Development East Coast, NSL Analytical Services, Inc.

"As a Senior Member of STC (Society for Technical Communication), Boston Chapter, and current (at the time) STC Electronic Documentation SIG (Special Interest Group) Coordinator, I recruited Steven to replace me in my SIG leadership role. Although he was new to STC, Steven accepted his responsibilities with enthusiasm, and successfully managed this group's activities. His leadership and many contributions to this group were consistently outstanding; his participation made a positive difference not only to the SIG attendees, but to the Chapter as well. He continues to serve STC Boston Chapter with professionalism, conscientiousness, and good humor. I would wholly welcome the opportunity to work with Steven again."

Wendy Boston, Technical Writer, D+H

"Steven always worked well both with his internal customers (such as me), and with the company processes and systems. In my time working with Steven, we came at documentation problems from radically different perspectives, with different expectations, and even with different optimal results. Nevertheless, working with Steven was always productive, collegial, and informative.

"Steven presents his positions well. I learned from Steven, and evolved my positions based on his teaching. Our differences brought us together, and the result was better than it would have been without our mutual engagement.

"On the practical side, Steven had a mountain of documents to maintain, new documents to publish, constant demands from marketing to expand the scope of the product line (and thus the documentation), engineers with varied English language skills, and unrealistic delivery schedules. The quality and consistency of our documentation speaks to his 'doer' and his management skills."

Carl Mikkelsen, Technical Director, Conexant Systems, Inc.

"Steve was a dedicated and consistent volunteer. He often took the lead and showed leadership as an MC for the lecture series. He also help direct the marketing planning and brainstorming. Finally he managed and distributed our newsletter."

Ron Goodstein, Vice-Chair and Program Chair, IEEE Boston Consultants Network

"Steve provided essential leadership for the Consultants Network for the past two years and kept us all on track. I highly recommend him."

Heinz Bachmann, Founder, Custom RF and Chair, IEEE Boston Consultants Network